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Metal mesh filter

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Filter Description:Metal mesh filter
Filter Product Code:SN20110410124154857
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Filter Description

Metal grill filter


l The filter cells are made from expanded aluminium woven into a special pattern

l Can be cleaned in dishwasher or pressure washer

l G2 class cleanable dust, sand, flour, paint prefilter

l Very large cooling surface without excessive air resistance

l Grease and oil filter with very high separation efficiency

l Can be made in custom sizes

Application: Metal filter for grease or oil mist separation. Prefilter for thick particles.

Type: G2 metal filter and high oil separation efficiency.

Frame: Aluminium. Or stainless steel, and galvanized.

Media: Woven metal wire mesh. Can be made in Aluminium material.

Recommended final pressure drop: 80-120 Pa

Faceguard: Aluminium, hot-dip galvanized expanded metal net or stainless steel grid.






Filter area(m2)    


592 x 287 x 20 0.17    
G3 592 x 592 x 20 0.35    
G4 592 x 287 x 46 0.17    
G4 592 x 592 x 46 0.35    


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